A Place of Validation and Revitalization for Single, Divorced or Widowed Latter-day Saints
Welcome Home Single Saints!

This is a place designed to give voice to the growing number of single Latter-day Saints who are in many different stages of great challenges and growth in their lives.  Our mission is to create a place of references and forum discussion where singles can feel safe, secure and accepted. As an LDS single, our purpose is to understand our mission, plan and destiny within the paradigm of the singles experience.  Although many have reduced us to a sub-culture of embarrassment inside a "married church," we would urge you to recognize and embrace your place as our numbers grow to nearly 40% single within the total membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Please explore our site and find inspiration here....  Welcome!



          Why is this website called....
                 "LDS broken wings ?"  

Best-selling author, marriage/family therapist, popular public speaker, and singles advocate, Jennifer James, LCSW, wrote a book after her divorce that was published in 2003, entitled "In Flight With Broken Wings: A Practical Guide to Being LDS and Divorced.  The expression "In flight with broken wings..." was a stanza from an Aerosmith song called "Amazing," which Jennifer heard when she was agonizing over an appropriate title.   As the popularity of the book grew, so did the enthusiasm for the title.  Singles from all over the world contacted Jennifer and commented that being "...in flight with broken wings..." was exactly how it feels to be divorced and no longer partnered.  It's a helpless, sometimes hopeless feeling, where the potential to soar was cut down by diverse circumstances and issues.    In 2006, Jennifer's publisher urged a re-title of the book so that it could become a best-seller, where the word "divorce" was prominent in the title.  The title change accomplished what it was supposed to and "Latter-day Divorce and Beyond: Surviving Singlehood" has helped thousands heal from the ravages of divorce and educate those desiring to understand the intricasies of healthy relationship.   "Latter-day Divorce and Beyond" is more of a relationships book, written to validate the divorced Saint.   LDDB now is the most sought-after book for singles in the history of Mormon media.  "Latter-day Divorce and Beyond: Surviving Singlehood" is the first honest approach about divorce, relationships, dating, mating, healing and understanding the singles culture available.  Whether you are in the process of divorce, or have been divorced 20 years, this book is a much-needed reference and guide to help those who feel disenfranchised, unmotivated, or confused in the singles paradigm.  Written with humor, understanding, and with sensitive, spiritual direction, Jennifer set out to give the singles a ready-reference to use. This book is for healing and cultivating a healthier relationship and lifestyle that leads to fostering well-being and self-fulfillment, in future goals and pursuits, whether the objective is healthy singlehood or remarriage.   ORDER BELOW ONLINE OR AT A BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU!

Order "Latter-day Divorce and Beyond: Surviving Singlehood" today at these great online places: www.cedarfort.com, www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.comwww.seagullbook.com, www.borders.com and any participating bookstore or LDS bookstore near you!    This book is the revised edition of the 2003 book "In Flight With Broken Wings: A Practical Guide to Being LDS and Divorced" with approximately 30% more content and updates. 

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